To zbounce -ing inf.

  1. expr. to fix something: Luka’s back was finally zbounced in Izola
  2. expr. to put all the equipment in the van: David Nik zbounced all things in the van
  3. expr. to get ready for the day: Tomi zbounces his mustache every morning
  4. expr. to make a mistake: Maša P. zbounced vehicle registration plate number for e-vignette
  5. expr. to jump happily: Aida and Maša Š. are always zbouncing in the front row
  6. expr. to prepare food quickly: come on, zbounce me up some calamari
  7. expr. to be extremely forgetful of several things at once: Aljaž zbounced his bag in Romania and sousaphone in Koper

♦ music prod. to zbounce the tracks, to export the recorded tracks

  1. Horse
  2. Rinse and Repeat
  3. Hunting for Love
  4. Jup (ft. UM)
  5. Kreker
  6. Joe Parsley
  7. Fin
  8. Dessert
  9. Volkulja
  10. L’ Amore Sulle Nuvole
  11. Sul Levare

Artwork & Design: Aida Čehić

Thanks to: Urh Mlakar, Alen Fekonja, Jan Bajc Funa, Simon Bezek (STVA UHO)

Released: May 2022